Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Loose ends

If you recall, last week I had that date with a guy who had a blog. (Subsequent checking of his blog did not turn up any mention of our date.) I didn't tell him I knew about it because I was sure we wouldn't have a second date. I felt a tad guilty about letting him pay for dinner (I left my wallet in the car), so I wrote him a note the day after our date:
Hi [Guy]--

Just wanted to say thanks for dinner. It was good to meet you. I hope [upcoming work trip] goes well this year.

Later the same day he responded:
Thank you as well. I enjoyed meeting you too. Good luck with the rowing, and have fun in Canada.

My, aren't we mature? And, obviously, the no desire for a second date thing is mutual. It was a relief and good to know that he doesn't hate me.

In other news, the rowing guy who I have the huge crush on left town. He sent an email to everyone last week saying how much he appreciated our group and that he was getting transferred and leaving on Monday. MONDAY. When I told Pele about it she said, "I can't believe I'm disappointed at all about this, but I am!"

It's true. So much wasted potential. But what can you do? I said, "It's heartbreaking like when the Mariner's lose a close game. Not heartbreaking like when you hear, 'I'm going back to my wife.'" That is to say, I felt shocked when I got the email but I'd moved on by the next day. There was no lingering pain or regret, because there was only a hint of a potential relationship—not even a friendship had developed yet. Now, if I'm actually involved with someone and it doesn't work out, it's ok if the pain lingers for a while. The good news is that I'm over that too. If any friendly, unmarried men come along, I'm ready.

And if they don't, I'm rowing.

Grateful for: moving forward.

Drop me a line.

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