Thursday, August 17, 2006

Chat world

I have some more Montreal pics, but since I don't have time to craft the tiny bit of narrative that would make them into a coherent post, I will leave you with samples of the inane chatting that occurs on a site that offers free instant messaging (IM) capacities.

Chat #1
It got off to a very slow start. He said nothing, asked no questions, and I was never inspired to become my usual, verbose, self.

Guy: What kind of movies do you like?
Jamy: Old movies, mostly.
Guy: like godfather?
Jamy: love godfather.
Guy: cool
Jamy: what do you like?
Guy: Action and drama movies
Jamy: i like all that and more!
[Long pause.]
Guy: cool. What else do you like
[Very long pause.]
Jamy: oh, all kinds of stuff. i dunno.
Guy: like what:)
[Even longer pause. I know where he's heading.]
Jamy:I dunno
Guy: What do you like to do with a bf?
Jamy: Go to dinner, movies, hang out and talk.
Guy: Nice.
Jamy: Oh, you can also take hikes, see museums and travel.
Guy: Travel. Ha. And have sex.
Jamy: Well, maybe.
Guy: Sex is important.
Jamy: Who said it wasn't?
Guy: You didn't ;) What do you like to do in bed?
Jamy: I'm not talking about that with you.
Guy: Respect that.
[Super long pause]
Jamy: Gotta go.
Guy: Bye. Take care.

Chat #2
We had a long, boring conversation about sitting all day. Oh yes, you read that correctly. I started making wise cracks and he noticed I was joking.

Guy: You are funny.
Jamy: I am hilarious! and don't miss the 10 o'clock show.
Guy: i dont have a tv
Jamy: so?
Guy: got rid of it
Jamy: am i supposed to be impressed?
Guy: that was in reference to 10 oclock show
Jamy: the 10 o'clock show would be in a club.
Jamy: i haven't broken into primetime yet. gotta pay my dues.
Guy: a performer?
Jamy: Please don't take me too seriously. i'm just joking around.
Guy: Ok. just a tad seriously ok?
Jamy: ok, if you must.
Guy: thank you for the adjustment
Jamy: you're welcome, i guess, not that i know what you mean.
Guy: its ok, i dont always know what i mean. Though this time, for some reason, i do know what i meant
Jamy: and will you explain?
Guy: I didn't say anything worth explaining.
Jamy: uh, ok.
[Very long pause.]
Guy: were you born in DC?
Jamy: No, NYC.
Guy: where?
Jamy: Mt. Sinai Hospital.
Guy: ha ha. I was born in [other NYC hospital].
Jamy: we win.
Guy: What?
Jamy: Best Manhattan hospital to be born in.
Guy: ha ha.
Jamy: I gotta go. Bye.
Guy: Bye.

Lord have mercy. Sometimes I wonder why I bother.

P.S. I know you're wondering about David (aka The Intern). So am I.

Grateful for: amusement value.

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