Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I've been here before, but regarding blogging these days, the word is: unfocused.

Because, if I were focused, how could I have failed to share with you some surprising recent non-dating events? "Events" might be too strong a word, because all we're talking about is a phone call and an email.

Remember Frank, who I met at the frisbee party, then bumped into a week or so later? I hadn't seen or heard from him since May.

I get a call from Frank. "Hi, it's Frank. I don't know if you remember me. But I have your name in my phone and it says you are interested in sailing."

"Oh, right. I met you at that...[I wanted to say "kickball," but I knew that wasn't right] frisbee party. Then I saw you that time on my bike."

"That's right. Sure. Well, give me your email and I'll get in touch with you about sailing."


I gave him my email then we said goodbye.

On Monday, he sent me a short email with some sailing details, but no specifics as to dates. I wrote back, thanking him and expressing a positive interest.

I really think it's about sailing. And, you know what? I would love to go sailing. If this actually happens, it will be a blast. One summer, in Berkeley, I took sailing lessons. I met a couple of cute brothers and learned how to capsize a boat. (And how to rig the boat, haul sails, tack, etc.) We sailed on tiny Lasers, usually two-handed. A girl in the class admired the tan lines on the top of my feet (the only place I truly tan). I wasn't an exceptional sailor, but I passed the class. I've been out in dinghies and larger boats a few times since, but most of my water time has been spent rowing. To sail again would be awesome.

My question? What kind of shoes do I wear? I have the ugly red shoes (which I wear all the time, and have even been complimented on—who knew?) or some Chacos. I also have ancient deck shoes. Dilemmas, dilemmas.

Grateful for: sailing.

Drop me a line.

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