Sunday, July 09, 2006

My busy life

Did you miss me? No? Good. I didn't go anywhere, I've just been busy.

Busy, lazy and exhausted. Also, not so inspired to write—but I have been writing. I worked on a little story about my past, which I'll post soon. I worry about the sameness of describing the goings on in my life. Yet, I enjoy reading the daily details on other blogs. At the risk of boring you, I will give a brief sketch of the last couple of days.

Thursday: work was busy. Very busy. I worked all day! Crazy. After, I went to a book club my friend Diego organized. It was interesting and I met some new people. I like the theme, but I don't know if I'll have time for it.

Friday: I didn't go to work. I was a little under the weather and a lot overwhelmed by life. I was staring at a busy weekend and I needed some time to myself. I fooled around on the computer, watched some tv, did the crossword, worked on the yet-to-be-posted story. Sadly, I didn't read. I did make oatmeal—the kind that takes a long time. I also signed up, really, activated, an account on a free dating site that has instant messaging (IM) capacity. In the late afternoon I had a fun chat with a guy in North Carolina. Pointless but pleasant.

By the end of the day, I was restless and needed to talk to a real life person, so I called Kristin. She wrote about our visit to the Argonaut. I concur with her assessment. It was a good night.

Saturday: I went rowing in the morning. On the weekends, there is a novice (beginner) class and they always ask for the more experienced rowers to volunteer. I was finally in town and energetic enough to go. I ended up rowing with the novices. It was not exhausting, but it was two hours of rowing in the sun. Hey, at least I'm getting plenty of vitamin D.

I ate lunch with some of the experienced rowers after practice. It is a good group.

I went home to take it easy. I ended up back on the internet, chatting with some folks on the new site. Why, why? When I thought I'd lost all interest in this approach. I think I need to stop—stop the endless boyfriend hunt. Yet I don't stop. I keep going.

The next thing I know, I'm hitting it off with a 25-year-old guy, who is in DC for the summer. We chatted for a good long time and eventually decided to have dinner together. The flirting was mild, the intentions (friendship) were clear. I did not follow the guidelines. He came over and picked me up and drove us to dinner. (Don't worry, I let Pele know where I was.) We had a good time. We did not flirt but we were friendly and only slightly awkward. I couldn’t stay out all night because I was going swing dancing later with CK. He dropped me home by eight and I said I had a good time. He said, "Yes! We should go eat again." We made no plans and I wasn't sure if I would hear from him again.

I got ready for dancing and drove up to MD to meet CK. I danced a good amount. I gave myself permission to say "no" when I didn't want to dance with someone. I tried to smile at everyone. I was tired but I enjoyed the music. I had a good time. I left at 11:30pm but I didn't go to sleep until 1:30am.

Sunday: I woke up very early because the dear, sweet kitty needed to be fed (she must be obeyed). Then, at 8am, after digesting breakfast, she insisted that I get up. Sigh. I got up and got online. Guess who buzzed me as soon as I got online? The fellow from dinner. Felix. I was surprised to hear from him. We didn't make plans, but I will probably see him again. He's quirky and sweet and a good summer friend.

I met Pele for brunch. We talked about my "date." We talked about the many couples we know who are on the verge of breaking up. Oh, right, that's something else I want to write about. Later.

After brunch, I went home. I had softball at 6:30pm and I planned to relax until then. I was still tired from my big, active Saturday. I got back online.

I was IMd by not one, not two, but FOUR guys age 26 or under. What's that about? I also had a very long, very interesting chat with a guy in his 40's. He lives several states away, so I considered it pointless but…challenging. Not good. Not good when all I ever do is pursue men who are 100% not available. This particular 40-something guy from Georgia? He wants to marry me and have babies.

Ok. That's what I want too—to get married and have babies. But not with someone I haven't met who lives far away. Who the hell is this guy? I can't deny I was flattered, though. Oy. I think I give up on me. Hopeless.

Grateful for: sunshine.

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