Monday, July 03, 2006

Know myself

I went to a party a few days ago where I met some new people and saw some people I've met a few times before. I spent the first part of the evening quietly listening to the conversations around me. Everyone there seemed to know each other well. They'd been busy spending time together while I've been busy rowing or doing who knows what.

I drank a beer and was less quiet as a result.

One of the people I'd met before listened to me complain about my lack of dates. [Note: he reads my blog and I read his.] I said, "I lost a lot of readers when I stopped writing about dates."

He said, "What did you start writing about instead?"

I said. "You know. You've been reading."

"Right, but the theme is still dating. It's still a dating blog."

"Yes. But people want to read about dating. Not rowing."

"You'll write about dating again." He said.

"I hope so. I just don't seem to be having much luck these days."

"Oh, you'll be fine. You seem so…self-analytical. Is that a word?"

"I don't think so." I thought for a second, "Self-aware?"

"Yes. Self-aware. That's what I meant."

"I'm not sure it's an advantage." I said.

Then he started talking about a friend he thinks I should meet. I said, "You were supposed to set me up with that other friend—what ever happened with that?"

"Oh, he's…well, I talked to him and, um, he's 32 and he doesn't want to date older women."

"Oh. Ok." What is there to say to that? He's an idiot? I didn't say it.

Before I left, I told him, "You know how to reach me."

Maybe this time the mysterious friend will actually materialize.

Grateful for: new friends.

Drop me a line.

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