Friday, June 30, 2006


The other day, I told this guy, Wayne, in my office, who sits two doors down, about how I took a pineapple to a party last weekend and it was a big hit. Turns out he loves pineapples. I said, "I would get pineapples more often, but I can't eat a whole pineapple before it goes bad."

Wayne said, "If you need help with the pineapple, you can bring in half of it and I'll take care of it."

I said, "I wonder if you can freeze it. That might be good."

"Oh, I don't think you should freeze it. I can help you out."

It's worth noting that Wayne is the only attractive, single, age-appropriate guy on my floor. I chat with him a few times a week because I use his office's microwave and fridge. He's very friendly but I've rejected him as a boyfriend candidate because I think he's too Christian for me (and, consequently, I'm too Jewish for him). Regardless, he's a super nice, smart guy and we always have interesting chats.

The other day, I decided to get another pineapple and bring in half of it for Wayne. I even removed the core when I chopped it up because, in our previous discussion, he said he preferred not to eat the core. I was over in his office area this morning and he was there, headphones on (as usual) working away. I said, "I have something for you." I grabbed the Tupperware container out of the fridge and plopped it on his desk. His face lit up and I could tell he knew it was pineapple. He very gently tried to pry off the lid, but he wasn't getting anywhere. I asked him, "What are you doing?"

"I'm trying not to make a mess."

"Oh. Ok, do it like this." I slowly eased the lid off to container, but a few drops of pineapple juice escaped to his (spotless) desk. "Sorry, I still made a little mess."

"That's ok."

I said, "You better eat it quick; it's going to turn."

Wayne said, "That won't be a problem."

I went back to my office and a few minutes later he sent me a thank you email telling me it was very good and he'd already eaten it all. We had a couple of rounds of jokey pineapple talk. Who knew that was possible?

A little while later, Wayne came by my office to return the container. TR was helping me figure out something in SAS. Wayne stood in the door way holding the container. I said, "I gave Wayne some pineapple."

TR said, "Why don't you ever bring me pineapple?"

Wayne said, "I don't give her a hard time."

TR said, "You only give me babysitting. Oh. I guess that's enough."

I don't imagine there is a romantic future with Wayne, but the idea of having another friend around the office is nice. I'm on civil, but not friendship, terms with the other single women my age in the office. My officemate is a sweet girl, but we'll never be buddies, though I do find her less annoying these days. Work friend, MB, is great, but she's super palsy with the women who are not my friends, which is awkward. Of course, Diego is a great office friend, and so is TR, but I wouldn't mind adding one more person to the mix. And if he happens to be cute and single, I won't complain.

Grateful for: pineapple.

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