Thursday, June 15, 2006

It continues

Would you like to hear more hilarious tales of packing? (Un)fortunately, there's not much to tell. Mom and I are handling things with a minimum of bickering (astonishing). We took a good long break yesterday and went down to Pike Place Market. I even took some good Seattle photos (I'll share when I have more time).

The packing will be finished today, that's for certain. We get the keys to the new place at noon and we'll head over with a few carloads of stuff. The big move happens on Friday. Friday evening, we get on a ferry (boat) to go to Kingston for a Bar Mitzvah (oh yes, we are that insane). We'll sleep in Mom's VW camper (which will someday be my camper). On Saturday, we'll attend the actual Bar Mitzvah and return later in the day. On Sunday, I'll see Audrey and, later, help Mom clean the house. There is also talk of going to the ballgame on Sunday, but I don't think that will happen. It's pretty much cleaning or baseball…while I know which I prefer, I'm a realist.

On Monday, I head home. The very good news about that is I am on a nonstop flight to National. I'm almost looking forward to it.

And, because I know Amanda is curious, the guideline derived from our crazy Halloween night is this: when a guy tells you he is an asshole (or may act like an asshole), believe him. Details later.

Grateful for: no fighting.

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