Monday, June 26, 2006


Saturday night, I went to a party. I drove to the party and practiced NOT swearing at idiotic drivers. I need to get into the habit of letting these things go.

I haven't been to the store since I got home but I didn't want to show up to the party empty handed. I stopped by my local store, Murry's. I may have mentioned before that Murry's carries every type of frozen meat imaginable: t-bones, New York strip, hamburger patties, turkey burgers, chitlins…I could go on. They also have Murry-brand flour, sugar and corn meal.

I planned to pick up a bag of Murry-brand hard candy—it's tasty. The produce is near the entryway and pineapples were on sale. I grabbed one then found the candy. I got out of there for under six bucks--can't beat that!

The pineapple was a big hit; the people ate it up (literally). It turned out to be perfectly ripe—we were lucky. The only reason I don't buy pineapple more often is that I can't eat the whole thing quickly enough. It needs to be shared.

I talked to almost everyone at the party, including a small number of single, age-appropriate men. That made me happy.

Afterwards, I went with the hosts (C&C, the best catsitters in the world), DV$, and one other friend (I don't know his blog nickhame) to IHOP. This crew all went to college together and I felt like I was reliving those days with them. Besides, who didn't go to IHOP at 2am after college parties? I sure did. I used to live across the street from IHOP when I was 17 (and in college) and the only time we ever went there was at 2am. I had ice cream, as did CSO (the other gal). The boys had full meals. Oy.

Softball was cancelled on Sunday, leaving me free to sort out my junk piles. That will make four games in a row that I've missed. And we're off next week for the Fourth of July. My teammates must love me.

Grateful for: late nights at IHOP.

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