Monday, May 22, 2006

A quick note

  1. I have my computer back and, thanks to vigilant backing up, I have lost almost nothing. At least not enough to be painful.

  2. Because it made so much sense (and was easier than concentrating on a substantive post), I decided to fool around with my blogger template yesterday. I put the "Dating Guidelines" series and the "Dear Jamy" entries into drop down menus. What do you think? Does anyone know how to make them prettier? Change the font, the color, etc.? I tried and only managed to make them non-functional.

  3. If you read via RSS, you will see lots of old posts being republished. This is because I changed the default post template in blogger and I have to edit old posts to add line breaks. Nothing new is being added to the old posts, though I have fixed typos and done a little editing when it seemed appropriate.

  4. I am very tired because I played a softball double header yesterday. That wasn't so tiring. But biking to the field and home wiped me out.

  5. I thought I had more things for this list, but now I can't remember. There will probably be a real post later today. If not, tomorrow for sure.
Grateful for: having baby computer home.
Drop me a line.

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