Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I have a few questions for you.

(Note: this is not a delurking campaign. Of course, I'm terribly curious about who is reading--but I'm not comfortable asking you to expose yourselves. Lurk at will.)

Occasionally, I get solicitations to promote dating websites and, once, a comedy tv show about dating. I don't like the idea of making money for these folks (what about me, me, me?), but if you might be interested, I would be happy to pass along the information. The most amusing solicitation so far: www.econfidant.com. They provide, "personalized, one-on-one dating & relationship advice entirely online." For a low, low fee of $19.99/month you can have unlimited advice. Please. Save your money and write to me. I will give you all the advice you want--and I won't charge a cent. At least not yet.

Question #1: Are you interested these offers? Do you want me to post them? What if I just make fun of them?

A tech issue: I'm experimenting with an html editor (BBEdit). It has some nice features that make it more useful than a word processor. I usually compose my posts in MS Word and then cut and paste them into blogger. I can't tell yet if I'll get proficient enough on BBEdit to make it worth the $99 price tag. It seems more geared to heavy-duty html programming and designing websites. Might be overkill for blog posts.

Question #2: If you blog, how do you compose your posts? If you use an editor, which one is it (is it Mac compatible?) and is it worth it?

Last, "Dear Jamy"--what has happened with this feature? Maybe you think I'm inundated with questions. I'm not. I've thought about moving the whole thing to its own site. But maybe that's overkill. I'd like to keep writing "Dear Jamy" so if you've been dying to send me a question, AND HAVE IT PUBLISHED, don't delay. Yes, I will answer your question, even if you don't want me to publish it--but have a heart and give me permission to put it on the blog. No one will figure out who you are.

Question #3: what should I do with "Dear Jamy"? Keep it here, give it its own site? Promote it more? And, if so, how?

Thank you for your answers in advance.

Grateful for: helpful readers.

Drop me a line.

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