Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Today, I'm taking the day off to drive to Baltimore and see my brother (B2, the one from Israel). B2 comes to the States three or four times a year and usually one of those times he goes to Baltimore. He's here for a week, but he works the whole time, and the times when he is free, I'm working....so we've developed a routine that consists of me taking some time off of work and driving to him in Baltimore. We've run out of fun activities (Aquarium, Museum of Industry and shopping mall) but we'll figure out something to do. No art musuems for B2 (there might be pictures of naked ladies!).

I always look forward to getting a slice at the really good kosher pizza place near where he stays.

I'll be back tomorrow, no doubt with more rowing stories.

How in the world did this blog get so off track? Oh, right. No dating. Eh, who cares?

Hasta manana.

Grateful for: getting to see my brother.

Drop me a line.

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