Thursday, May 25, 2006


Y'all didn't do so great on the questions. There were only two. I can only blame myself since I feel peculiar asking you to ask me questions.

The first one is reasonable:

Does your writing cover the point where dates become relationships?

As long time readers know, it has. I suspect it will again, if I ever have another relationship. I have to admit, I'm feeling pretty discouraged these days on the relationship front. I feel emotionally healthy, though—like I'm at the right balance of liking my life, but being open to having someone else in it. But it's so not clear how I'm supposed to pull this off. I should be happy and content even if I remain single. But, no guy will want to date me unless he feels that he is necessary and not optional.

I do feel that a guy is necessary to my life. And I'm sad that I don't have someone to share the day-to-day with (Tabitha does not count). But I'm so happy about everything else going on (friends, rowing, writing, reading, etc.) that I'm somewhat amused by my self-pity. I play it for laughs, but I know this is serious business. Time is running out, clocks are ticking, parents are desperate. But what am I do to?

Back to the question. If I start dating someone, I will write about it, but I will proceed with caution.

The second question, however, seems somewhat unreasonable:

Will you marry me?!?

Dearest, I know you are joking, and it is very sweet. Perhaps this humorous proposal should be taken as a sign that there is hope for me yet in the dating/relationship/marriage arena. Sure, why not? I decline to answer, but thanks for asking.

Also, even though I worry about boring you with so many non-dating stories, I'm probably not going to stop writing about whatever the hell I feel like. My constraint is the lack of mental energy to construct good stories. But I'm sure I'll figure it out.

That said, I've made a good start on the Stella story and should have something final in a few days. I also have some "Dear Jamy" questions in the hopper, which should provide interesting material.

Thanks for sticking around, folks, I appreciate it.

Grateful for: patience, hope and humor.
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