Thursday, May 11, 2006

The answers

Thanks to everyone for answering my questions from Monday. I'm particularly touched that some folks who have never commented before took the time to answer. It's very kind of you.

There seemed to be rough consensus.
  1. Don't push crappy websites on the readers. I guess I didn't make it clear that I wasn't talking about advertising. Most of the folks who solicit me are not offering to pay me. At most, they want me to promote their for-profit site and offer me a link back. Gee, thanks. I will never permanently link to any product/service that I can't actually recommend.

    I always thought I would never put ads on my site, and that's still my inclination. However, if I ever do put ads on my site, I will always make sure that the main content is easy to find and I won't have ads for things I hate.

  2. Great suggestions for HTML editors I'm trying out two, but NVU seems to be the winner (at least since yesterday). Anything that can automate making tables--and is FREE--gets my vote.

  3. Dear Jamy. While it's true that I haven't been getting questions recently, a reader pointed out to me off-line that I have chosen not to answer some of the questions I received in the past. That is true. I admit, I got a little off-track on the advice-dispensing biz. Maybe, sometimes, I have too much to say and don't want to devote a day to other people. Damn, I'm selfish!
Thanks again! And remember, send your questions to "Dear Jamy" and I'll answer them next Tuesday—I promise!

Grateful for: the best readers in the world.

Drop me a line.

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