Monday, April 10, 2006

Obligatory date update

I forgot for a second that this is a "dating" blog and not a "write-whatever-old-story-I-feel-like-about-my-life" blog.

I apologize.

Here is the update on the guy I started communicating with from the online site that shall remain nameless. The guy shall have a name: Kyle.

I have yet to speak to Kyle. He did, however, send me two emails on Friday, one of which contained his "real life" email address and the admission that he hadn't worked up the nerve to call me yet. Sweet and annoying. Also, he was sick.

I wrote back at the "real" address, wished him a speedy recovery (etc.) and said that he should call me.

He emailed again on Saturday, claiming that he was too hoarse to call. I responded that I totally understood.

The content of the emails was fine. They were all short, maybe 5-10 lines, friendly and low-key. However, I did not respond to his last email (sent on Saturday) until just now (4pm on Monday). I don't know why I took so long. All this back and forth emailing, while inoffensive, is not that interesting. No, he's not boring, I like what he has to say (except for one tiny thing that I'm ignoring, but not forgetting about, for now), but I don't like this forever emailing with a complete stranger—when it would be SO EASY to meet.

I have been known to strike up rather long, on-going virtual conversations with men and women (though it's usually men) online. But that's because the other person lived far away—either overseas or several states away. If you lived within five miles of me, I would want to go ahead and meet.

So, Kyle, you really need to call me because this emailing business is a real enthusiasm-killer.

(If you want to read the whatever-story-I-feel-like-telling post, just scroll down. It's a two-for-one day!)

Grateful for: patience.

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