Tuesday, April 11, 2006

No foolin' (around)

Remember when I mentioned that some drugstores (CVS) in DC keep their condoms (rubbers) locked up? And someone in the comments felt the need to tell me I was mistaken? Guess who was right, right, right.

Click on the title for a story in today's Washington Post that documents my observation. 22 out of 50 CVS Stores in DC keep the condoms locked up. The article states that Rite-Aid and Eckerd stores never lock up their condoms. At least one Rite-Aid I've visited keeps them behind the counter, which is almost the same thing. But, I do want to give credit to the Rite-Aid at 8th & H NE, in my neighborhood, which keeps them out in the open.

My opinion that we should reimburse drug stores for losses due to condom theft. Who is stealing condoms? Shy teenagers, too embarrassed to ask for them or be seen buying them. Shoplifting as public policy--what do you think about that?

I found the link via Michael.

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