Sunday, April 02, 2006

Mas y mas

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Thank goodness I still have Israel to write about. Life in real time is very dull. Not that I'm bored. I'm just under the weather and waiting to feel normal again so doing nothing feels pretty good. I am enjoying doing nothing.

In the spirit of getting some sun on my face and testing my stamina, this afternoon I walked to a newly opened nearby coffee shop. This particular coffee shop is only five blocks away and is owned by a church. That's right, it's a Christian coffee shop. My first reaction is "ugh" but I'm willing to give it a chance.

I buy an overpriced decaf iced latte. Fine. I pop open the computer and hook up the WiFi. There is free WiFi but it doesn't work. I'm online but I can't load webpages or check email. That's ok, I'm really here to write, not distract myself with the internet. I know I should have checked with them to find out what the deal was, but I didn't have the energy. Maybe next time.

I'm typing and sipping away and I notice music playing in the background. Christian music. That really takes the cake. I was hoping I could frequent this place. But Christian rock in the background? That's a big ugh, no two ways about it.

Maybe I'll just wear my headphones next time.

Grateful for: sun.

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