Monday, April 17, 2006

Mabye I do

Perhaps some of you were wondering what happened to Kyle. He's the guy I was corresponding with last week, who I met via an internet dating site.

He wished me a Happy Passover on Wednesday. I responded with a very short note. I didn't hear from him again last week. I thought that was odd. On Sunday evening, I wrote to him. I asked how he was feeling (remember, he's been very ill) and said I hoped to hear from him.

This afternoon he wrote and said he was just starting to feel better. And that he'd gone on a date this weekend.

Really. Well, I'll be. I'll be what? Annoyed, that's what.

This is how I responded:
Glad to hear you are feeling better.

Surprised to hear that you went on a DATE. Gee. You haven't even called me yet. What's up with that?

My life is silly busy, as usual. But I had a pretty relaxing weekend, which is not. Today, I'm getting lots of work done as I have to meet a deadline. Deadlines are good.
I care enough to respond, but not enough to play games. (The game would have been to wait until tomorrow to respond.) I don't have time to pretend that I'm not annoyed.

How's that for not caring? Yeah, I know. Still working on it.

Grateful for: no games.

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