Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I can finish a story

I finally finished up the narrative portion of the story (click). I also added a backdated story about my visit to the Old City in Jerusalem (click).

I have a few other thoughts about Israel that don't fit so well into the narrative and I'll get them up here (and there) in the next couple of days.

I also wanted to say that the trip represented something of a packing triumph. The two pairs of shoes I brought? Perfect! I did get a pair of plastic slides to use as slippers (I showed them to Spesh and he said, "20 shekels?" He was exactly right.), but I could have lived without them. The dress for the wedding? I actually got two wears out of it; I paired it with a black jersey cardigan the second time and it was unrecognizable. I got tons of compliments on the dress. I also brought a longish-black skirt, which I wore to all those dinners I went to.

I did not use the swimsuit, sports bra or rain jacket, but I don't regret bringing those things. The pharmacy was not necessary, given how easy it was to communicate in English, but not a big deal. If I'd needed the rain jacket or the drugs, I would have been happy to have them.

I used almost everything I brought, proportionately more than I do for most trips. I think I may have actually gotten this packing light thing down.

And, I didn't gain a single ounce. Even I find that hard to believe.

Grateful for: packing skills.

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