Tuesday, April 11, 2006


In which I introduce an exciting new feature, recommend some reading, follow up on some previous posts, and update you on my (non)dating life.
  1. I've added a new feature over in the sidebar. You can have my most recent posts sent directly to your email account. Woo hoo! I figured this might be desirable if you don't feel like checking the site all the time. Or if you would like even more email clogging up your inbox.

  2. In the spirit of easing blog reading, anyone who reads more than ten blogs regularly will benefit greatly from using bloglines (they are not paying me to say that). It allows you to subscribe to the blogs you like and notifies you when they are updated. Is this entirely a good thing? It saves you a lot of clicking, but it also means you will read many more blogs. I'm subscribed to 105 feeds. (You may see the full list of what I read here.) Of course, I'm not reading 105 blogs a day because not everyone posts every day (though some post multiple times a day). It is a handy way to keep an eye on dormant blogs that may not post for months at a time. I also read things in bloglines that I don't link to on my site.

  3. Speaking of which, I recommend all movie buffs and fans of good writing check out Living the Romantic Comedy. It is written by real life screenwriter, novelist, musician and all-around interesting guy, Billy Mernit. If you are movie-obsessed like myself, you should like it. He also links to a whole community of blogging screenwriters. Who knew?

  4. Remember how I got a manicure in Israel and stopped biting my nails (except for one thumb nail)? I'm holding strong on the non-nail biting. It's not that easy and that one thumb nail seems doomed to be bitten, but the others remain polished and smooth. I'm keeping them short, though, because I found even the slightly longer length nails annoying while typing. But maybe as I get used to having some nails, I'll let them grow a little more.

  5. Remember the fountain pen ink in my office, left by the long retired secretary? I have decided to claim it. It's still liquid and appears to be fine.

  6. I need to cut Kyle some slack. He wrote to me yesterday and he is REALLY sick. Strep throat and the flu—he's had a high fever and is on antibiotics for the strep. Poor guy. If I actually knew him, I'd be over at his place with soup and action movies. I will work on the patience thing.
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