Monday, April 03, 2006


You know, writing up my Israel story is taking FOREVER. For the next-to-last installment, please click the title.

I was feeling much better today and managed a full day in the office. Not exactly the most productive day of my career, but not a complete waste either. I have most things in hand but I have a pile of reading to do. About 100 pages to read and comment on, thoroughly, by Friday. Well, that's just the vital stuff. There is actually more reading than that to do, but I can't give you a page count.

I was also consulted by my boss on a sensitive personnel matter. How...odd. I felt honored that he asked me. Unfortunately, I couldn't help him come to a decision. It's certainly a case where he would like to find the right job for this person, firing is not an option (it rarely is in the federal government, for good or ill), but in the meantime it's making more work for him. I told him I'd do whatever I could to help.

That's something I hope that I never do--become a burden on the people I work with. Even when I'm feeling lazy, I still pull my own weight. This may help me get a little more motivated, though.

Grateful for: a good boss.

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