Saturday, March 11, 2006

Sick kitty

Today was supposed to be 100% shopping, but instead I spent half the day taking a sick kitty to the vet.

Last week, Tabitha threw up a couple of times. I thought that she was better, but when I woke up this morning there was a trail of vomit leading to the bathroom. Yikes.

So, I took my kitty to the vet. The vet said that she was fine but that I should feed her chicken or turkey baby food (like the kind you feed to human babies) for the next few days.

I took poor, very pissed-off Tabitha home. I got back in the Flexcar and drove to Arlington. I had to buy an adapter thingy for the computer. That accomplished, I walked across the street to Crate and Barrel and finally picked out a new set of stainless steel flatware. About damn time. The store was overflowing with couples setting up their wedding registries.

Whole Foods is across the street from Crate and Barrel. I had time on the meter, so I snuck in to pick up the baby food. But no. At Whole Foods there is only VEGETARIAN baby food.

Who the fuck are they to decide that babies won't eat meat? The smugness of it is astonishing. It's not like the store doesn't sell meat. Or baby food. Or processed food. But no baby food with chicken, turkey or beef. Screw you, Whole Foods and your shitty anti-union labor practices.

I called Pele and she gave me directions to a nearby Giant. I heart Giant.

There I purchased: 10 tiny glass jars of baby food (half chicken, half turkey); four frozen lunches; and a tiny amount of ground coffee. It was one of the more embarrassing shops of my life. In front of me was a young woman who spent $85 on very healthy food and salad fixings. Behind me was an extremely thin young woman who was buying a pint of strawberries, a box of breakfast bars and soup-sized pack of saltines. The woman in front of me made me feel like a loser, but the lady behind me seemed to be having a crisis shop of her own.

Now it's off to the next event....

Grateful for: Giant.

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