Thursday, March 02, 2006

I can't spell

I'm not a bad speller. I'm a terrible speller.

There are many words that I rarely get right the first time. For example:
  • Receive (this is only right because spell check helped me out. I always spell it "recieve")
  • Immediately (Again, thank you spell check. I prefer "imediately")
  • Their (It's a crap shoot. About 50% of the time I spell it "thier.")
  • Friend also often poses a problem, but I got it right on the first try today.
Clearly, I have issues with "i before e."

My other problem is doubling of consonants.

Dissappear? Disappear?

Occasion? Occassion?

It's all the same to me.

Before spell check, I made more mistakes, but not too many. I've always worked with a pocket dictionary next to where I write. I still do. It's sitting on my computer desk. It's one I picked up at a yard sale when I was 8 or 9.


Compiled by
Leading Authorities

Newly Revised

Containing Many of the Most
Modern Terms and Definitions

Copyright © 1965

It has an oxblood faux leather cover and very little spine left. I wrote my name on the inside cover in my best grown-up style print. Middle initial and all. There is a black swirly line where I either crossed out the original owner's name or covered up my first attempt at a grown-up hand.

Oddly, if someone asks me to spell a word, I usually get it right. If I look at a word, I can tell you if it's spelled incorrectly.

I also can't write a "b" or a "d" to save my life. I always print and when I go to write a lower case b or d, it's a 50/50 proposition which one is going to come out. I guess I should do what my dad does and write in all small caps. Of course, his writing is almost completely illegible. You have to skim quickly and not try to focus on any one word to have a chance at making it out.

My handwriting is rather easy to decipher, but it's not pretty. I've been told that it looks that of a disturbed small child.

I'm only mildly disturbed.

Grateful for: spell check.
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