Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Too good to be true

Don't you love it when a post writes itself?

A few days ago a friend (yes, a male friend) asked me how I felt about the upcoming "Hallmark Holiday." I told him that my intention was to ignore it--and I advised him to do likewise.

All I wanted from Valentine's Day this year was to get some chocolate on sale at CVS. Instead, I got the most spectacularly, unintentionally hilarious email ever.

(I also got a lovely Valentine's Day greeting from a fella and to eat chocolate with some co-workers--someone brought in a chocolate fountain!)

Do you all remember the fellow I was emailing with from CraigsList a couple of weeks ago? I'd put an ad up looking for a co-ed softball team. Chad responded and we carried on a lively email conversation. It abruptly ended when I questioned a comment he made about kissing. Read the whole thing here and then come back for PART TWO!!!

Yes, Chad has given me the best Valentine's Day present a blogger could hope for: lovely, precious, funny, blog fodder. Chad, sweetheart, you rock! You made my day. In fact, I think I love you.

This afternoon, I received this message from Chad:

i guess you lost interest :(

Damn. I couldn't believe it. Almost two weeks to the day since his last email. What is he thinking? I must investigate.

I responded:

What a surprise to hear from you after...how long? Two weeks?

I don't know if you recall, but this was the last email I sent to you:
>That "kissing" comment bugs me. I'm not sure what you think is going on here.

It was in response to the message you sent:
> maybe a few drinks...a nice dinner...some nice kissing :)

Since I didn't hear from you again, I figured we were not looking for the same thing. Was I wrong?

Hope you are well.

Chad responded:
sorry-i guess a nice kiss i thought was harmless...sorry.

One wonders if his first language is English, but I spoke to him on the phone and it definitely is. Why are his incredibly short sentences so tortured?


Of course a kiss is harmless. But that level of flirting is a little beyond my comfort level. If we were to meet, I'd like it to be with no expectations--beyond friendly ones. Does that make sense?

sure it does, sorry. but a kiss will be sweet if we do. :)

I am a bad person because I was rather delighted that he kept going on this way. Normally I would be frustrated and annoyed--instead, I felt like, "Bring it on, buddy! The worse you are, the better it is for me." Bad Jamy.

Chad, I don't know what to say.

I tell you that talking about kissing makes me uncomfortable--then you keep talking about it. It feels like you don't respect my boundaries.

Chad (sent before the response above):
are you open to a b/f?

Sure. I am constantly reviewing applicants.

And that, my friends, is the end!

Can we send some love to Chad for making a big, fat fool of himself and providing me we with the best Valentine's Day post ever?

Grateful for: silly CL boys.
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