Monday, February 20, 2006

Nothing, really

I don't know what you've been doing all weekend, but I've been working hard getting some content up on my movie site. In the interest of that project, I've been to two movies this weekend and I have plans to take in one more this afternoon. Here are links to the new content (this will be updated today or tomorrow):

Something New

Brokeback Mountain

Other things I did:

On Friday, I made the soup. About damn time. It came out well and I ate a bunch and froze a bunch.

On Saturday, I picked up my plane ticket to Israel at FedEx. I used the Flexcar and made a one hour reservation. I decided to use the balance of my time, 45 minutes, to stop by the grocery store. I did the fastest shop of my life--in about 15 minutes I collected: 4 bottles of seltzer, crackers, goat cheese, grape tomatoes, strawberries, cool whip (for the strawberries), cereal and four other things I can't recall because I remember I just barely made it in the "15 items or less" aisle. I dashed home and put away the groceries just in time for Pele to pick me up to go to the movies. Whew.

On Sunday, I visited the new Bed, Bath and Beyond near Gallery Place--and was sighted by fellow blogger, Rob. He saw me and called my name, "Hey, Jamy!" We both remarked on the overwhelming size of the store. They have a crazy wide array of stuff there--from condoms (locked up!) to fine china and crystal.

(An aside: a friend asked me the other day if I heard it when people call me "Jamy" (pronounced "Jamie") as opposed to my real first name. The answer is, yes, sort of. It took me half a second to hear "Jamy" and another half a second to recognize Rob and put the whole thing together. I suppose I'll get more used to it as more people call me by the pseudonym, which is kind of cool. Another strange side effect of the blog.)

After, BBB, I stopped by the usually horrible Ann Taylor loft and bought two pairs of pants. One pair of jeans, the other black trousers. Both are low-ish rise and the jeans have a silly wide flare. Later, a (male) friend tells me that the day for this style of pants has passed. Goddamnit, was my response. As soon as I a find a pair that looks half-way decent, I'm out of style again. Actually, I can't tell if they look decent or not. I swear that place had skinny mirrors in the dressing rooms. After I paid, I was closely examining the receipt to make sure I understood the return policy--if Pele sees me in these jeans and says, oh no, that won't do, I want to be able to take them back--and the clerk says, "Is there a problem?" Geez. I said no and put my receipt away. They can be returned if they are "unwashed and unworn." Unworn? Are you kidding? I can do unwashed, though. They can have their dirty, stinky jeans back if I don't like them.

Besides seeing two movies, that's about all the excitement this weekend held (so far). Sleeping well, writing, shopping, seeing movies--that's just about the perfect weekend.

If you have a "Dear Jamy" question for Tuesday, there's still time to send it in!

Grateful for: long, calm weekends.
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