Friday, February 03, 2006

My Super Bowl

A few things you should know:
  1. I am a big baseball fan. The Seattle Mariners are my home team and have my undying loyalty.
  2. Given that I live in DC, I also consider myself a Nationals fan.
  3. My good friend, Pele, often mistakenly refers to "The Mariners" as "The Marlins." She does it so consistently that I'm starting to find it amusing. I did not always find it amusing.
  4. I will root for any team that is from Seattle over any team from somewhere else.
  5. Professional football is not something I get very excited about. I do enjoy watching it, though.
  6. Pele is a Steelers fan.
  7. Pele and I have watched a few Steelers' games in a Steelers' bar in DC.
  8. Pele and I assumed that we would watch the Super Bowl together this year.
  9. I expressed a desire to watch the Super Bowl somewhere other than the Steelers' bar.
  10. I get cranky sitting in loud, noisy bars for extended periods of time.
  11. Two things Pele and I have often discussed doing together, but never managed to actually do, are go salsa dancing and visit the drive-in movie theater.
Last night, Pele was supposed to check out a bar in Arlington as a possible viewing location. We emailed about it this morning.

Pele: I didn't get by the bar because I was so cranky last night by the time I left work.... Where we are going for the Super Bowl is part of what is making me cranky and stressed out. I will get over it! (Must manage expectations...)

Jamy: If you really want to go to the [Steelers' bar], I can do that. I do not mind. Just remind me to bring my earplugs. Hey, if the Steelers win, it will be a blast. If the Seahawks win, I won't be jumping up down or anything.

To put it in perspective, if the Mariners were playing the Pirates (stifle laugh) in the World Series, we would find a Mariners' bar because I would be going nuts if they won. NUTS. But, that is the Mariners (not to be confused with the Marlins) and BASEBALL, about which I actually care. (Let's not think too much about a Mariners v. Nationals WS--it makes my head hurt--I might just have to go back to Seattle for that.)

Pele: You crack me up - I love this e-mail. Understand the Marlins/Mariners thing is all about phonetics, not geographical confusion...

My heart would be made light if we went to the [Steelers' bar]. I promise to reserve seats hours before. I would be more than willing to provide you with ear plugs and body guard services. None of us at the table would be hostile towards you for pulling for the Seahawks. I will fly with you to Seattle should there ever be a Nationals/Mariners World Series. I will....(fill in the blank - go salsa dancing with you, take you to the drive-in, etc.)

Jamy: Re: [Steelers' Bar] Yes, let's go. It's not my #1 choice, but that is not very meaningful since I have no #1 choice.

The email was meant to be humorous. It may become a blog post [guess what, it did]. I have earplugs. I just don't want to forget to bring them. I will engage in some table-reserving duty with you, of course! Maybe I'll bring the computer. Think they have wi-fi there? ;)

The end.

Grateful for: friends who get my sense of humor.
Drop me a line.

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