Sunday, January 08, 2006

Why gratitude?

It occurs to me that I haven't discussed in much depth the reason for the "grateful" part of "Grateful Dating." I mentioned in one of my first posts that I'd heard that keeping a gratitude journal increases happiness. Taking some time daily (or weekly) to write something down, to express gratitude for something, is supposed to be helpful. At least one of the studies compared keeping a "regular" journal, where one writes about problems, to keeping a "gratitude" journal, where you write about something you are happy about or grateful for. They found that a regular journal can make people more depressed! I did a little internet search today and found a citation for what must be the study I heard about. It's just a summary, but it looks reputable. Take a look.

Maybe I should email those folks and tell them what I'm up to. Or not.

I'm very tired today (again) and my coherency is minimal. If I am not too crazy busy at work (ha ha), I'll get you up to date tomorrow. There are funny stories to tell, at least one boy is involved, but there is no dating or romance, so don't get too excited.

Boy: How old are you?

Jamy: Older than my friend (she is 30).

Boy: But you're under 40?

Jamy: Yes.

Boy: Are you older than 35?

Jamy: Yes.

Boy: YOU'RE 35?!?!?

Jamy: Actually, I'm 36.

Boy: No. I'm not buying it. No way. Nope.

I shrugged my shoulders and he moved along.

You know what they say about anticipation. This time I'm keeping you waiting.

Grateful for: this journal and silly boys.

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