Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Who me?

If they didn't think I was crazy already.

Over the last day or two, I've exchanged a few emails with the other folks who live in my building (it's a four-unit condominium). The woman who lives directly above me (she is sweet but incompetent), mentioned that she saw a mouse in her apartment. That revelation inspired me to include this as part of my response:
There was a mouse in my place once, too, but Tabitha took care of it :)

She is available for mouse patrol. Seriously. She loves exploring the other units and is more effective than [pest control company] will ever be.
Yesterday, I sent an email on a different matter, but I included this post script:
Tabitha asked me to reiterate her availability for mouse patrol. She is bored and would like to explore. I suspect I have a mouse too. Tabitha is spending a lot of time staring at the oven. I haven't seen anything, but when cats sit and stare at the same spot for a long time, there is usually a creature there.
I mean, have I completely lost my mind? I did think twice about sending it, but it was so darn funny, I couldn't resist.

Grateful for: low humor.
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