Monday, January 30, 2006

Time off

I'm going to take a couple of days off to finish up a non-blog related writing project--and catch up on some work. I thought I would have time to wrap it up over the weekend but the following things kept me busy:

  • Staying up until 3am on Friday IMing with a new friend.
  • Staying in on Saturday and thoroughly cleaning the house (the amount of cat hair under the sofa was most disturbing).
  • Waking up early on Sunday, cleaning more and doing laundry.
  • Getting out of the house on Sunday in time for coffee and writing before going to meet a friend for lunch.
  • Driving around VA with two toddlers (twins) in the back seat trying to find the right Chinese restaurant.
  • Finding the restaurant and watching the twins climb all over their mother during lunch.
  • Laughing inappropriately when the twins burst into tears at the appearance of the dragon dancers for Chinese New Year's.
  • Getting home and dragging the large table out of the basement. It was so dirty that I had to hose it down.
  • Setting up for a very small dinner party (potluck, thank goodness).
  • Entertaining until approximately 10:00pm.
  • Not being able to force myself into bed until 1am.
  • Waking up with sore shoulders due to carrying one toddler or the other and possibly the table.
  • Getting to work late.

Hmm...that's a lot more than the non-post I planned. I'll be back to business-as-usual on Wednesday or Thursday. Talk soon.

Grateful for: a busy life. Drop me a line.

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