Saturday, January 21, 2006

The reviews

I want to start a site where I post reviews--not just of film, but of television, theater and whatever else strikes my fancy. Mostly, it will just be film, though. I've been thinking about it for some time. I even threatened to do it a while ago. I want to use the same voice as in the blog--conversational. I wouldn't necessarily provide plot outlines, but rather focus on the things I found interesting about the films and actors. I'd also like to share it with my parents. I am their de facto movie reviewer; I have been for years. There would be no reason for anonymity on such a site.

But I'd also like to share it with you all.

So, what do I do? Link to site with my real name and don't link back to GD? Keep my pseudonym over there and hope/ask the folks not to google me? (Their googling skills are poor, but even they could figure this one out.) I am a bit at a loss.

I think the need for anonymity is much less than it used to be--and it's something of a farce by now. It was always meant to protect other people's privacy more than my own. On the other hand, I adore my pseudonym and I don't want to give it up.

Maybe it just means I have to risk the parentals reading this site. Shudder.

Update: I know I could set up a new blogger profile, but that would cause a lot of administrative hassle. Instead, I set up a new blog, attached to my current account, but stripped of all identifying marks--no link to my profile, no name, no identifying information. Perhaps if I put the link here and everyone promises to be good, I can actually share it with my folks and anyone else who strikes my fancy.

Suggestions appreciated.

Grateful for: new endeavors.

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