Sunday, January 15, 2006

The long goodbye

Most of my weekend was spent helping Spesh get ready for his return to Israel. It went something like this:

  • 9:30am, pick up Spesh at the U Street apartment where he's staying.
  • Drive to College Park.
  • Eat breakfast at College Park Diner.
  • Drive to campus to pick up some things.
  • Hang around the office while Spesh shuffles papers around.
  • Drive to post office.
  • At post office, Spesh buys stamps.
  • Drive to Greenbelt (the other place where Spesh has been staying) to drop off some things and pick up some other things (including dirty laundry that I agreed to wash).
  • Drive back to Spesh's office on campus, work for a while. I help him out by copy editing a grant application.
  • Leave him there and drive to Pele's to watch the Seahawks crush the Redskins.
  • Watch the game with Pele and her roomie, eat boiled shrimp and watch the Seahawks beat (but not crush) the Redskins (yay and boo).
  • Hang around with Pele for a while.
  • Drive home and do Spesh's laundry, watch SNL and get to bed late.
  • 9:30 am, pick up Spesh and his enormous bag (it's a hockey bag; you could fit a medium to large size person in it).
  • Drive to College Park.
  • Pick up a friend and go to breakfast at the Silver Diner.
  • Drive to campus and drop off friend.
  • Go to Spesh's office, check email and play computer games while he finds a box for his papers and books.
  • Pack up junk in the office and take it to the car.
  • Drive the car to a garage to get out of the wind.
  • Spesh rearranges his stuff in the bag and the box.
  • Stop for gas and to get a better box at a liquor store.
  • Drive to the best vegetarian Indian restaurant in the world.
  • Eat way too much.
  • Surprise visit by C-Money! Makes it an even better farewell.
  • Go to the Rite-Aid next door to pick up some things for Spesh's dad.
  • Buy chocolate bar and a diet coke.
  • Say goodbye to C-Money.
  • Drive Spesh to Dulles Airport.
  • Drop him off, park the car, go back to the terminal to stand in line with him.
  • Not allowed to stand in the check-in line with him.
  • Strike up conversation with a young mother who is in the same boat, waiting for her husband.
  • They were both in the military, he still is. She got out after having her baby.
  • They met in Iraq. She has no idea what we're doing there. Posits: oil?
  • I say: that's not the only reason, but it doesn't make sense to me.
  • Spesh and I sit for a little while after he checks his bag and box and gets his boarding pass.
  • It's time to get in the line for security so we say goodbye.
  • We hug and he kisses me on the cheek.

The end.

Grateful for: good friends.

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