Saturday, January 14, 2006

The good news

  • Tabitha (the cat) did not demand supper when I got home.
  • In fact, she is curled up next to me (for warmth) as I type this.
  • I'm picking up Spesh at 9:30am tomorrow for breakfast.
  • He arrived safely today, though five hours later than scheduled.
  • Staying in DC (rather than going to Pittsburgh) means I can watch Seahawks-Redskins game tomorrow.
  • I predict the Seahawks will CRUSH the Redskins.
  • When I say that, I slam my fist into my open palm.
  • I've been doing this all week whenever anyone finds out that I'm from Seattle and asks me about the game.
  • I even did it on one of my speed dates.
  • Let me emphasize that: the Seahawks will crush the Redskins.
  • Did I mention that I'm not a football fan?
  • Going to bed before 12:30am will have to count as an early night.
  • At least I haven't been drinking.
  • Can you believe it?
Grateful for: an early night.

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