Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Dinner conversation

Last night, at dinner, Reya asked me what my favorite movie was (in the spirit of getting to know me better). I told her I have an answer ready to pull out of my back pocket. When you love movies as much as I do, you get asked that question a lot. There are so darn many movies I like, I can't even begin to pick a favorite.

I think she asked because she heard Velvet say, "You really are a movie buff."

Why did she say it?

I mentioned to Barbara that her upcoming medical treatment made me think of THX 1138, George Lucas's first film. Playful asked, "What's it about?"

"It's about this dystopian future where everyone has a shaved head and it's very white...all the rooms are white and their clothing is white. It's very sterile."

"And they take drugs every day to stay happy, to go to sleep." AlwaysWrite added.

"Don't they run away so they can have babies the 'natural' way?" Kristen asked.

"Yeah, I think they go above ground or something like that. And, in American Graffiti, the license plate on the car is 'THX 1138'." I said.

"What?" Reya said.

"You know, the car they drive around in all night in American Graffiti, Lucas's second film. The license plate is 'THX 1138.'"

That's when Velvet turned to me and said, "You really are a movie buff."

"You better believe it. I'm not fooling around."

The answer to the question? Born Yesterday (1950). (No, Velvet, not the version with Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith. Shudder.) I've written about it before.

However, tonight I'm more in the mood for The Apartment. The best comedy set at X-mas/New Year's that hinges on a failed suicide attempt. God it's a good movie.

Grateful for: good talk.

P.S. Some of the conversational details may be incorrect. I blame the wine.

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