Thursday, December 01, 2005

More Ian

Wednesday afternoon, I walk back to my office after microwaving my frozen lunch, and who do I see, loitering around, but Ian. He perks up when he sees me and follows me into my office. I can tell that his visit is not work related. He sits down in the extra chair and I put my lunch on the desk where it grows cold. Ian says, "It's ok if I ask about this?"

"Sure," I say, "I don't mind."

"So, the guy...was there any more...?"

"No, nothing more. I haven't talked him again."

"You're over it?"

"Yes, I was pretty much over it before, now I'm over it again."

"So, do you have a profile up on that site?"

"Oh no. I mean, I've done that before and I can't handle it right now. It's just so..."


"No. Exhausting."

He proceeded to regale me with stories about his experiences on the site, including one story he told me last week. I smile and nod. I tell him a couple of my internet dating horror stories, mostly because I am not sure what else to say to him. Also, he is a good audience. We go on like that for a while and I share a somewhat disjointed version of my philosophy about internet dating. Too bad I couldn't just say, "Go read the blog!" It was tempting.

When he left, I had to ask myself, "what is this all about?"

Grateful for: questions.

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