Tuesday, December 27, 2005


How much do I love that someone from Haliburton spent the day reading the Dating Guidelines? So funny. So wrong. So right (wing)? (Sorry, I know that not everyone working for a soulless corporate giant is a soulless corporate cog. And how happy am I that you are doing something as public service oriented as reading my blog? I love you for that! From one cog to another, welcome.)

Another from the best-search-ever files: "my new boyfriend is too boring for me zen." If he's so damn boring, break up with him already. And what does "zen" have to do with it?

If you check the guestbook (no one does, it's fine), you'll see that Calvin Dane left me another note.

To the real Calvin Dane: I never thought you were an asshole. From your previous comment, I could not tell if you enjoyed the joke or were offended, which is why I apologized. I am delighted that you find humor in this situation and I hope you keep reading (even if "Calvin Dane" is not a featured player).

Oddly enough, I saw my "Calvin Dane" this morning. I was in a hurry and didn't have time to talk, so Calvin just gazed at me wistfully. A couple of days ago I bumped into him and he gave me a hug. Ah, Calvin Dane, the master of the mixed signal.

Way back when I wrote Pure Dating I had a plan to ask Calvin to set me up with his single friends. For the sake of the blog, it may be time to do just that. I fear we are embarking on one of those long periods of quiet contentment that coincide with the absence of romance. Just in time for the New Year! I like it.

Grateful for: quiet contentment.

PS No one sent me a "Dear Jamy" question this week. I'm sad. Just click here with your question.

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