Saturday, December 03, 2005

A good day (with pictures)

Jamy: I think I'm going to get one of those robot vacuum cleaners.
Spesh: Aren't you afraid?
Jamy: Of what? That it will take over my mind?
Spesh: No--that it will attack you!
Jamy: Oh! (I start laughing.) Well, it's very small.
Spesh: You can get the insurance for it. (More laughing.)
Jamy: Maybe I'll get one for Mom first and see how it goes.

I got the DSL up and running this morning. I found the package with DSL stuff, plus two other packages, in my backyard this morning. One for my neighbor and the other for me. Strange.

I hooked up the modem, put in the set-up cd and it wouldn't work. I called Verizon. I asked for technical assistance and the recorded voice said, "What type of technical assistance do you need?" I said, "Installation." It sent me to a recorded message that told me my DSL was active and that it was ready for me to set up my computer. Press one for the main menu. I did. I asked for technical assistance. I got the recorded message telling me my service was ready and I could set up my computer and press one for the main menu. I did. I asked for technical assistance. Then I started yelling, ahem, I mean, saying "agent" over and over again until I got in the cue to speak to someone.

The first person I reached could not help me because she didn't provide technical assitance for Macs. She asked me why I hadn't asked to be put in the cue for Mac help. I told her I wasn't given that option. She didn't seem to believe me. She transferred me to a Mac technical assistance person. He turned out to be a "retention specialist." He put me back in the technical assistance cue. The next guy was not a Mac specialist. He transferred me. Finally, I spoke to someone who could help me. We did a manual set up and when we were finished he said, "You're quick! That was only nine minutes." I told him I was a power user and gave him the one minute version of my customer service tale of woe. He said, "I'm not in charge of that system." I know, my friend, I know.

I lazed around. Dad called. Spesh called. Mom called. Spesh's friend called. I got out of the house and borrowed TR's car.

I ate lunch with Spesh and friends. We were disappointed with the food. Spesh and I drove up to UMD. We hung out in his office while he worked on job applications and I read my book.

We had chocolate bars to tide ourselves over.

We went for dinner at the vegetarian Indian restaurant.

Can you believe I went out on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week? I'm exhausted. I was just going to go home and go to bed early on Friday night, but Spesh called with a last minute invitation to a poetry reading and I said yes. We met friends of his there and found them again later for more hanging out and beer drinking (ginger ale for Spesh). I didn't get home until 1:40 am and I didn't fall asleep until 3:00 am. It's like I'm in college again except my recovery time is ever so slightly longer now. Still, it's good to be social and busy. It's good to be out of the house and have taped tv shows piling up for the downtimes. It's good to be out there meeting people and floating along with no agenda.

Grateful for: a busy life.

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