Friday, December 02, 2005


You know what's great? When you get a voice mail from James Earl Jones letting you know your DSL is up and running and you will start incurring charges as of today. What makes it even better is that the equipment needed to get the aforementioned DSL up and running was delivered to your address on November 30 at 12:15pm. And you know what the best thing of all is? You have not seen the equipment. According to UPS someone named "Lane" signed for the package. You have no idea who this Lane person is, but there is no one in your building by that name. Lord knows how long before Verizon and UPS get this mis-delivered package business sorted out.

I hope it's waiting for me when I get home.

And please don't get me started on the nightmare work has been for the last couple of days. So busy doing something that should have been so easy and which required absolutely none of the skills for which I was hired, but rather infinite patience and a cheerful and upbeat tone in the face of blank ignorance and mulish resistance. I got it done, it worked out ok and I mostly succeeded in not pissing people off. I think, I hope, or maybe I don't care.

I'm tired. I don't have a relaxing weekend planned, but anything will be relaxing compared to this week.

PS It was great fun seeing the writing group folks last night. If you found me, welcome to the blog! I'd write about last night, but I'm busy respecting your privacy, GrapeApe.

Grateful for: the end of the work week.

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