Thursday, December 01, 2005

Bloggers just wanna have fun

I had a great time last night. I went to a big fat DC Blogger Happy Hour. I was scared, but not that scared. Sometimes it's easier to observe than participate, if you know what I mean. But last night I participated.

I was particularly pleased to meet A Unique Alias (AUA). I talked to him briefly in a group, but *someone* whisked him away before I could introduce myself. A little while later, with at least one more drink in me, I sat down next to him and said, "I'm Jamy." A flash of recognition crossed his face. "Grateful dating! Oh! It's you!" I got the big smile. Nice.

Travis promised to read my blog, on AUA's recommendation. You better. I said I'd start a war with him if he didn't. AUA told him that I would win due to the endurance I'd developed from going on all those bad dates. Dating makes you tough. Who knew?

Velvet, Pele (friend of blog) and I plotted mid-week happy hour hanging out and man-meeting strategies.

I met lovely Sub Girl, but mutual shyness (I think I caught some of hers) kept us from talking very much. Next time?

DJ Flowerz introduced herself and we had a friendly chat. I also talked to RCR, Patrick, Kathryn (great hostess-ing), AsianMistress, DC Cookie (she gave me a big hug as a greeting--so sweet!), Sharkbait, EJ, Orgasmic Booty Shorts Boy (I coveted his bag), and I-66.

I was as impressed as everyone else was with Rhinestone Cowgirl's outfit--yowsa.

Yes, I talked to others, but I can't remember everyone. It was a huge turnout and a good time. I'm only sorry I left before the dancing started.

Grateful for: bloggers!

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