Thursday, November 17, 2005

We met up! And it was good.

Last night I went to the Washington Blogger Meetup. The highlights:
  • A circuitous route home provided by Kristen and Scott. I can't thank you enough for giving me a ride. Nothing like getting to see some brother-sister interaction up close. Good stuff!
  • Frank from Post Secret saying, "You talk like a blogger--with those vignettes and sidetracks..." "This is how I talk--always! Bloggers talk like me." Frank laughed and kept listening.
  • We were all in a little awe of Frank, who said he is still receiving 300 postcards a day. He was very down to earth, easy to talk to and a great listener. His book is coming out at the end of November and he brought a copy to show us. It had that wonderful new-book smell. It looked great. The group had a very interesting conversation about secrets. Frank even brought some original postcards.
  • Seeing Velvet again. It's odd feeling like you're friends with someone via the blog--I was a little shy around her, but I hope she understands.
  • Rob recognizing me right off--finally.
  • Having Michael tell me my blog was good fun.
  • A discussion about ordering nachos with Rob and Michael. Michael: I'm on kind of a diet. Rob: A diet where it's ok to eat cheese and sour cream? Michael:'s a diet where I eat healthy food all time, except when I want to eat something else. Jamy: That's the kind of diet I'm on. Michael: You're skinny, anyway, so it doesn't matter. Jamy: I am? (Laughs.) Ok, if you say so.
  • And Dave, why didn't you eat any nachos? There were plenty.
  • I also met Martin, Merujo, Danielle and Keith but didn't get to talk to them so much.
  • I didn't meet Alex, but he was there.
  • Did I miss anyone? If so, catch you next time!
Grateful for: friendly bloggers.

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