Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Status Report

  • Breakfast: cereal and milk.
  • Coffee: regular (attempt to find fancy (non-Starbucks) coffee shop on way to doctor was unsuccessful).
  • Doctor: made me wait 50 minutes for my appointment. Good thing I got there 20 minutes early.
  • Pain level: 9 out of 10.
  • X-ray: taken, though not necessary.
  • Pharmacy: made me wait 40 minutes for two prescriptions.
  • Work productivity: moderate (which is amazing considering the circumstances--I got many pages of a report read in the variety of waiting rooms I visited).
  • Lunch: hot dog (while walking to metro, late to a meeting) and the largest bottle of diet pepsi I've ever seen (24 oz!). I only drank half.
  • Activity level: moderate--I walked to work.
  • Energy level: low--it feels like I haven't slept for weeks.
  • Outlook: Positive
The doctor (nurse practitioner, actually) prescribed me some super-duper drugs. The good news is that I just have a muscle sprain and I'm not dying or anything. I have no idea how this muscle sprain came about, but I'm sure my stress level is a contributing factor. She gave me a mega dose of Naprosyn (like Alleve) and a muscle relaxant (Flexeril) to take before bedtime. The Flexeril is so super-duper that I'm only supposed to take half of a ten milligram tablet. The NP said, "Don't drink alcohol with it--you'll get schnockered."

Lady, don't give me any ideas.

Grateful for: prescription drugs.

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