Saturday, November 05, 2005

Our routine

Spesh is back in the area for at least the next few months. He is living a vagabond life, spending most nights with a friend in MD. However, he spends the night at my house when he has a late night DC, which he did on Thursday. On Friday morning I said I needed to take my pills and he said, "I read that your back was hurting."

"You read the blog?"

"I got up early and had some extra time."

"I can't believe you read it at all."

"It wasn't that interesting. There was nothing about me."

"Hey! Lots of people read it and think it's interesting--even when I never write about them. The Animal reads it."

"Have you ever mentioned him?"

"No--maybe once. Some people don't want you to write about them. But, I know what you mean, it's not as interesting if there's nothing about you."

In honor of Spesh's return to DC-ish area, here's a bit I wrote about him the last time he was here that never made it to the blog (Spesh--I hope you're reading):

Intro: Spesh was born in Israel and grew up on a radical Zionist, non-religious Kibbutz.
Jamy: Do you want to go to the Holocaust museum? [I have a pair of free tickets.]
Spesh: I live in a Holocaust museum.

Intro: We were discussing Spesh's ex-girlfriend's band.
Spesh: I was in a band...
Jamy: Really? What did you play?
Spesh: Guitar.
Jamy: What was the name of your band?
Spesh: Die Strella. [Or something like that.]
Jamy: Wait...that's not Hebrew. That's German!
Spesh: (Big smile.) Yes!!
Jamy: You're bad.
Spesh: We were fascinated by Nazis. My buddy, in high school, grew this Hitler moustache...
Jamy: No! What did people say?
Spesh: The old people would come up to him and say (Spesh waves his finger), "Ah, Charlie Chaplin!"
Jamy: (Laughing out loud.) That's terrible!

Intro: I was telling Spesh about my trip to Atlanta back in July.
Jamy: I invented an imaginary boyfriend so my friend Mike's wife wouldn't be jealous. She's not crazy to be jealous, but he was never my boyfriend. And we never slept together.
Spesh: But he wanted to do it with you?
Jamy: Yes. For years he was after me. We kissed a couple of times.
Spesh: How could you kiss and not do it? I never understood that.
Jamy: What--I should sleep with every guy I've kissed? How can you not see the distinction?
Spesh shrugs his shoulders.
Jamy: When I first kissed Mike I was only 17. I was still a virgin and he didn't even want to be my boyfriend! I at least wanted the first guy I slept with to be my boyfriend!
Spesh: I didn't even hold hands with anyone before the first time I did it.
Jamy: Mike and I never held hands.
Spesh: You could still have the imaginary boyfriend.
Jamy: Who says I don't?

Grateful for: banter.

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