Monday, November 28, 2005

Laziest weekend ever

I just had one of the laziest weekends ever. It wasn't lazy in the sense that I never left the house. It was lazy because I had nothing scheduled (until the last minute), I never rushed anywhere and I did no housework.

I woke up early-ish on Saturday and hoofed it to the first (far-away) coffee shop. I brought the new camera and took some pictures. Notably, one of an abandoned pair of shoes. At the coffee shop, I used the free wifi, drank an almost perfect cappuccino and ate a blueberry-ginger scone. I did some writing and read my book. After a couple of hours of that, I walked around the area, ate some lunch and headed to the second coffee shop.

On the walk to the second coffee shop, I called Spesh to see if he wanted to do something. "Maybe you could come up to College Park and help me with my cover letters. You'd be good at writing this kind of thing."

"I'm not writing cover letters for you. You want me to do the first draft? No way. That is too painful."

"You don't really need to write them, but if you could just be here…"

"Like for moral support?"

"Yes, moral support."

"I could do that."

"What else did you want to do? We can't go to the movies. That's all I ever do. That and go to dinner."

"We don't have to go to the movies. What do you want to do?"

No decisions were made except that we would talk later.

I stayed at the second coffee shop until it closed at 5:00 pm. The second coffee shop is quiet and empty, which I like. However, the employees think it's ok to look over my shoulder at the computer screen and ask me what I'm working on. I don't feel like explaining the blog to them. Two of them, both students, asked how much the computer cost and where I bought it. I told them, but it was awkward. Still, they are nice and friendly and recognize me. I guess that will happen when you spend an average of two hours per visit, even if you only visit once a week.

I called Spesh on the walk home. He said, "I'm getting hungry now. Do you want to eat at the sushi place?"

"That sounds fine." I didn't remind him that dinner was on the list of things that he "always does" and does not want to do.

"I'll see if DrJ and C-money can come."

"You know, you're not going to get many takers if you invite people out at 5pm on Saturday."

"It doesn't hurt to try."

I made a couple of futile calls as well, but when I met Spesh at the sushi place at 7pm, it was just the two of us. I brought the new fancy camera and took a few pictures of him. He said, "Did you look at the movies?"

We browsed the City Paper and couldn't find anything we both hadn't seen and wanted to see. I said, "I have lots of things at my house."

"And then we can watch Saturday Night Live!"

I laughed, "And why do the scientists even make the robots?"

Spesh corrected me, "Why do they still make the robots."

"Whatever you say."

I'd shown Spesh the picture of the abandoned shoes and when we walked back to the car (Spesh had a car this weekend), Spesh pointed out another pair. I took a picture. It looks like I have a theme going. He'd parked a good distance from the restaurant and I said, "Usually when people are going to Adams Morgan, they look for parking on this side of the bridge." The restaurant was on the Woodley Park side of the bridge.

"You always look for parking far away from where you are going."

"Oh, because wherever you are going is where everyone else wants to be?" I laughed.

"You just figure there will be more parking far away."

"I'm not sure that's true in this case, but it's funny."

When we got back to my place, I put on "The Lady Vanishes." Spesh slept through some of it, but woke up in time to watch SNL. He said he'd spend the night since it was so late. I said fine and we made up the bed on the couch. I went to sleep before SNL ended and the kitty cat kept me company. It was cooold.

In the morning, we went for breakfast and I took more pictures. Afterwards, Spesh went to his office to work on his cover letters (perhaps) and I went to see two early Lubitsch features at the AFI Silver.

Aside from finding it incredibly hard to get out of bed this morning, I thoroughly enjoyed the laziest weekend ever.

Grateful for: no plans.

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