Friday, November 11, 2005

I promise...

I promise not to do the following things:1
  1. Post the results of an online quiz.
  2. Promote a set of rules about "how to blog."
  3. Write about what makes a blog "good" or "bad."
  4. Ask someone to link to me (but if you want to, feel free).2
  5. Advertise on my blog.
  6. List the searches that have led to my blog.3
  7. Complain when I have a cold.4
  8. Describe my toilet habits.
  9. Beat myself up for complaining about my dating life because people are dying.
  10. Be so frivolous that when I complain about dating readers think, "Geez, it's not like anyone is dying."
  11. Be so vague that you can't tell what I'm talking about.
  12. Post a picture of myself and take it down in an hour.
  13. Write a "100 things" list (mostly because I'm lazy).
  14. Ask readers to identify themselves (I am curious, though).
  15. Ask what people want me to write about.5
  16. Fight with people in the comments.6
  17. Provide details about my sex life (but I'll read when others write about theirs).
  18. Complain that I don't get enough comments (I won't complain about getting too many either).
1Except for the ones I have already done and the ones I will do anyway.
2Unless expressly asked to ask and usually not even then, though I have done it once.
3I may do this on my blog-anniversary.
4I've done this but I promise to try and not do it again.
5I've done this more than once and very few people responded, so no more.
6I did it, I'm sorry. Never again.

Grateful for: lists.

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