Friday, November 04, 2005

Gimme 5

I decided to post twice today, just for fun. (Scroll down for an ancient story about a run-in with a married man.) Also, I wanted to brag a little. What's going on around here? It's either bragging or whining. Bor-ing.

The brag: I promised myself that I would walk to work every day this week. I did it. Walking was in lieu of going to the gym because I didn't think my back could handle full-out exercise. The walk to work is 2 miles, so that means I walked over 10 miles this week--at least 12 miles, actually, because I walked home on Wednesday too. Go me.

I've started working on something about breakups--I'll get it up over the weekend or next week. It is funny, sad, pathetic stuff. And you all should definitely be thinking of sharing your own hilarious breakup stories. It will be fantastic!

I wanted to have this super-lazy do-nothing weekend, but I've foiled myself again by having lots of commitments.

The weekend will look something like this:
6:00pmPick up moderately conveniently located Flexcar, drive to little sister's (not my actual sister) house, take her to dinner and a movie. (Care to join us? We're going to see Jaws at the American City Diner.)
10:00pm (approx)--???Take little sister home, drop off Flexcar, catch bus home.
8:50am-10:10amTake TR's kids to dance class.
10:10am-11:00amVisit Farmer's Market (if open), deposit condo fees, hang with kids until TR fetches them.
11:00am-1:00pmHang around the house waiting for person to show up to give me estimate for repairing the iron fence (somebody ran into the corner with their car). Perhaps do some housecleaning while waiting. Or do nothing.
1:00pm Saturday-11:00am SundayNothing planned. Sigh of relief. Options: coffee shop blogging, dvd watching, cooking, cleaning, ice cream eating. Maybe go to the movies--but there is nothing good playing.
11:00am-11:30amDrive to softball game.
11:30am-3:00pmWarm-up/play softball doubleheader.
3:00pm-4:00pmGrocery shopping (what, are you nuts?).
4:00pm-bedtimeExhausted couch lounging, hopefully preceded by showering/bathing.

Grateful for: free time where I can find it.

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