Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Last night, I was kindly invited by Damian to join some friends to watch UNC basketball. I was quiet, as I usually am with a new group of people, but I enjoyed myself. I left at the half because I am always tired these days (it's the drugs, I swear).

The funny things:
  1. I arrived before Damian. His friend, Jamie, who I've met before, recognized me and introduced me to everyone as "Jamy." It proved to be a little confusing because I sat next to Jamie. (This is particularly amusing if you know my real name.)

  2. There was a fellow sitting a couple of tables over from us, in my sight-line, who looked familiar. Eventually, we made eye contact and I recognized him as a fellow I had a date with. I couldn't remember his name at first so I just said "hello." Damian asked me who he was and when he figured out it was a "bad date" he wanted to know if the fellow had a nickname. He didn't, but in case you're interested, it was this guy (he is "Nathan" in the first post and "Mr. Friday Night" in the second).

    How can this town possibly be that small? Argh.
Grateful for: basketball watching friends.

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