Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Do I miss it?

There are pros and cons to not having internet at home.

  • Laundry gets done.
  • More time for non-internet reading.
  • TV watching is purer (I actually pay attention).
  • Better chance of going to sleep at a reasonable hour.
  • Good excuse to spend lots of time at coffee shops on the weekend.
  • Spending time away from home on the weekend leads to less guilt about not cleaning the house.
  • Computer solitaire playing increases.
  • Blog posting must be done at work (oh, wait, that happens already).
  • Solicitation type phone calls increase exponentially (the phone is not busy now).
  • Lack of constant email contact.
  • No IMing during the week.
  • Movie time checking is impossible
  • TV schedule checking is impossible
  • Can't check blog stats or comments on the hour.
Long story short, I signed up for the $15/month DSL. It won't start until next week, so I'm out of internet until December 1. I think I'll survive.

Grateful for: downtime.

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