Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Boy oh boy

I had a piece ready for today that I left at home (it's on the memory stick). Instead, I'll share a few observations.

On the way to work (I arrived disgracefully late), I stopped to get some coffee. In the coffee shop, the smell of something burning was remarked upon by the kids behind the counter and we all looked around to see what it was. There was nothing burning inside, but a block away, a car was on fire next to the National Archives. I couldn't see the car because it was enveloped in an enormous cloud of white smoke. There was a fire engine nearby.

After I got my coffee, I walked down 7th Street, and saw what remained of a taxi--burnt to a crisp. (No one was hurt.) There were a couple of firemen strenuously and unsuccessfully trying to pry the trunk open. The entire interior of the car was melted, black and smoking. The hood was gone and the engine was completely charred.

See why I need that camera?

On the health front, I feel much better today. I took my drugs earlier in the evening than usual (a good suggestion from the comments and one I had already started to apply). I slept well and woke up refreshed, though still somewhat fuzzy. I drank ample amounts of caffeine and took some Tylenol for extra relief. It all seems to be helping.

I also started doing research on cameras via Cnet. They're so expensive! And so cool. It's very hard to decide. I have it narrowed down to a few choices, but I probably won't make a decision for a while. This Casio is my favorite so far. I like it because it's small, has some manual controls, a large screen and (according to the review) takes good pictures.

I've been using the same camera since I was 13. It's a Canonette that my dad gave me as a Bat Mitzvah present. It's a very good range-finder camera and takes excellent pictures. It is a semi-automatic with a built in light meter and I'm skilled at holding the camera still for low-light shots. I'd like to have some of that control with a new camera--but minus the weight and the inconvenience of having to scan in prints. A flash is total luxury--I never had one with the Canonette.

Thanks to everyone for your concern and advice. Back to dating-related stories tomorrow.

Grateful for: enough money to get any fancy camera I choose.

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