Sunday, November 06, 2005

Another good one

Another weekend over, with a variety of accomplishments. It didn't all happen as planned, but it came pretty darn close.
What was supposed to happenWhat actually happened
Take little sister (not my actual sister) to dinner and a movie. The little sister cancelled just as I was leaving the office to pick her up. Instead, I went home, ate take-out, and stayed up too late watching bad tv.
Take TR's kid(s) to dance class. Little kid+dance class=very, very cute.
Visit Farmer's Market (if open), deposit condo fees, hang with kid(s) until TR fetches them.Farmer's market was closed.
Bank was visited, checks were deposited.
Hanging out with little girl was fun.
Wait for person to show up to give me estimate for repairing the iron fence. He showed up early. We were done before 11am.
Nothing planned. Sat around the house and watched dvds, did some writing. No cleaning, no laundry, no nada else.
I did go out on Saturday night with Spesh, C-money, and DrJ. Thanks to DrJ for coordinating. After a dinner at which I was the only one to eat heartily (they all had late lunches!), we went to the movies and saw Shop Girl (pretty girl, anomic behavior, kind of a bummer). Spesh spent the night (on the couch, it should go without saying) and when we got home we watched a very funny SNL that featured their fake ads. Fantastic! I need a few laughs after that movie.
No more depressing movies, ever. Ever!Oh, and the Robots? Why do the scientists even make them?
Drive to softball game .Spesh said I should skip softball and go to Indian food instead. My back was killing me. He said, "Your doctor says you can't play."
"Doctor Spesh?"
"Why not?"
I didn't want to go, but I didn't know if it would make my back worse. I called our captain and asked how the roster looked. We had enough women for the first game, so I begged off the first game and agreed to play the 1:30 game.
Warm-up/play softball doubleheader.Eat Indian food.
Play one softball game.
Grocery shopping (what, are you nuts?). I went to Trader Joe's. It was nuts.
Exhausted couch lounging, hopefully preceded by showing/bathing. Futzed on computer, took bath, cleaned litter box, relaxed, ate something and watched tv.

(Remind me to never do another post with a table. Such a pain, you wouldn't believe.)
Except for the fact that this house needs a very thorough cleaning, not a bad weekend.
Grateful for: a happy weekend.

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