Tuesday, October 04, 2005

How much is too much?

I met Tim on Saturday, September 17th. Seventeen days ago.

That was our first date (approx. 9 hours).
We talked on the phone twice, briefly, before our second date.
Our second date was the following Friday (9/23, approx. 9 hours).
The next date was that Sunday (9/25, approx 10 hours).
We talked on the phone before the next date, but not for more than 30 minutes.
The fourth date was on Tuesday, for the movies (9/27, 5.5 hours).
We talked on the phone Wednesday and Thursday for about an hour each time.
The fifth date was dinner with Pele and JenA on Friday (9/30, approx 9 hours).
We talked on the phone Saturday (20 minutes) and Sunday (1.5 hours).
We had a date last night (10/3, approx 10 hours).

Six dates in two and a half weeks. Since most of our dates have crossed the 9 hour mark, it does add up. Interestingly, our most intense date (#4) was the shortest, but it felt much longer. Despite all this time together, I have cancelled no plans for him and given up nothing of importance except for my tv time. As far as tv time goes, I tape like a demon so that tv will never keep me home when there is something social in the offing. Tim counts as social.

Last night was date #6. We agreed that I would go over to his house after Rosh Hashanah services and watch Monday Night Football. He ordered a pizza when he knew I was on my way. I think it's the first time in my life I've purposefully watched Monday Night Football. I can't honestly say that I've ever watched it before, accidentally or otherwise. But, not only did I not mind, I rather enjoyed it.

On Sunday, during the part of our conversation about the Chargers, Tim thought I was being sarcastic when I was excited about the Chargers win over the Patriots. "You don't care if the Chargers win."
"I do care! I want them to win."
"Can you name one player?"
"Umm, LT?"
"What's his first name?"
"I dunno."
"What's his last name?"
"I don't remember...but he's 21, right? And 41 was blocking for 21...and 21 made all the big runs."
"That's right...not bad."
"Look, after I watch a few more games, I'll know their names."

When I got to work on Monday, I sent Tim a text message, "LaDainian Tomlinson" Tim wrote back, "You are too smart! Go chargers!"

When I saw him on Monday, he was impressed that I'd spelled LT's name correctly. And that I'd taken the time to find out a few things about the team.

The evening was fun. We chatted until the game came on and then ate pizza while watching. I've always been able to enjoy watching football and this was no exception. We kissed during the slow times and commercials and stopped to watch the plays.

We didn't discuss the "boyfriend" issue, going steady or anything about his wife. I didn't feel the need to have a talk with him. I just enjoyed myself. When I need to talk to him, I will.

Before halftime, I started to fall asleep. Tim asked me if I was ready for bed. We went up to his room. Rather more sleeping occurred than on other occasions, but still not enough. I don't know why, but I had a feeling I'd be more comfortable in his bed than in mine, and I was. We got up at 6:00am and Tim gave me a bowl of frosted flakes and we watched the news together. I rode my bike home and instead of taking a nap, I watched some taped tv and took a shower. I made it to services a little late, but I was there.

I wondered what would happen next, because we didn't make plans before I left. There was some vague what-are-you-doing-this-weekend talk, initiated by yours truly, but no definite plans. I thought, "Maybe he'll call me today...or send a text message. Or maybe he won't. But I won't call him. At least not until tomorrow." Wait-and-see seemed like the best approach.

As discussed in the comments for yesterday's post, I think Tim is pursuing a relationship with me, but balks at the "boyfriend" title. Fine, whatever. I don't care about that. However, I'm left little unclear on what to expect...or if I should expect anything. Yet, he keeps coming through in boyfriend-like fashion.

At 12:45 pm today he sent me this message, "I really enjoyed that last night! Have a great tuesday." Sweet.

I'll call him if I feel like it and I won't if I don't. I'm not pressuring him for anything, including time together. I can handle it.

Grateful for: starting something new.

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