Monday, October 24, 2005

Home at last

Did I mention how good it feels to be home?

I entered a house with carpets akimbo and salt all over the sofa due to the use of my salt and pepper shakers as cat toys. (Wonder how that happened? Click here.) There was a stack of mail, mostly bills and junk. Yet it felt so good to be in my place, with my things, with my life.

I fed the obviously hungry kitty and listened for the second time to the message from Spesh very politely asking me to pick him up at Dulles on Monday. Sorry, no can do--seeing as your plane arrives at 4:00pm and it's my first day of work after a week off. And, are you planning to stay with me? No mention of that! (Turns out he's not. And perhaps he's already in town. See you soon Spesh!)

Kitty looked puzzled that I was there and mostly ignored me. When I finally made it to bed after unpacking (on the same night I arrived? Unheard of!), she looked at me again as if to say, "What are you doing in that bed? It's my bed. Who do you think you are?" But she didn't bother me too much and even crawled under the covers for a little while and snuggled down by my feet. Maybe she missed me just a little.

I will update you on the Tim situation, but I've decided I need to talk to him first about what is on and off limits for the blog, so there won't be much detail. We talked yesterday and it was good and there is no breaking up happening yet. I hadn't heard from him since Tuesday and that caused me to think the worst. Turns out he sent me a text on Wednesday and I never received it. I wasted all that gloom on nothing! I don't know what's going to happen, but I'm feeling more calm and at ease. It's almost like I'm prepared to take things as they come. We'll see how long that lasts.

Maybe it's the jetlag.

Grateful for: home.

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