Friday, September 16, 2005

Know thyself

I think that some clarification is now in order. Regular readers of this blog must have noticed it.: The stranger and stranger posts lately, culminating with yesterdays detailed hallucination about a house guest who wants to post in the blog in my name. I suppose that many of you have recognized this for what it is, an identity crisis which manifests itself in the invention of imaginary characters which has reached the point of actually taking on one of these characters.

I can't tell anymore who i really am. Who is Jamy ? and who is Spesh ? It is equally possible that I am Jamy hallucinating about being Spesh as the other way around. It is impossible to rule out the possibility of us not being who we think we are. To suggest that we are only dreaming our reality is an irrefutable statement. Any "evidence" to the contrary could always be explained as something we dreamed up. In letters to Russell a woman once wrote to him saying 'i think solipsism makes a lot of sense, i believe in it but i don't meet many other solipsists, why do you think that is?'. Russell wrote back to her saying 'you're a solipsist, you tell me!'

This condition of mine- the manifestations of which you are reading now can only be brought on by one thing. My doctor has warned me about it, I probably don't have to come out and say it but i will anyway. It is (you guessed it) an overdose of 'the old in-out' that has brought me to this state. Of course the other possibility- the one which corresponds to my alter ego, is that this confusion is brought on by a lack of the same. In order to not upset the blogspot filters I will leave the rest of the details out and stop here.

Grateful for: the old in-out.

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